Paris, France, June 24, 2016

“Building and Biodiversity” working group : wins the ADI 2016 Innovation award

The Plan Bâtiment Durable’s “Building and Biodiversity” working group, led jointly by Yves Dieulesaint, has just received the 2016 Innovation Award from the French institute of real estate directors (ADI).

With this award, the ADI panel has recognized this project, which aims to promote the importance of biodiversity across the building, real estate and energy sectors. Through its work, the group has analyzed this topic’s various dimensions, covering the tools, driving forces and obstacles faced, focusing in particular on assessing biodiversity’s benefits for building users, as well as the ecosystemic services and benefits provided.


The “Building and Biodiversity” working group was set up in December 2014 as part of the French sustainable building plan (Plan Bâtiment Durable). It has been led jointly by Yves Dieulesaint, Head of CSR at Gecina, Thibaud Gagneux, Head of Sustainable Development at Poste Immo, and Ingrid Nappi-Choulet, Research-Professor at Essec. This working group's findings were presented at the end of 2015 to Philippe Pelletier, Plan Bâtiment Durable President.


Yves Dieulesaint and Thibaud Gagneux wanted to thank all the contributors - more than 50 when the group was launched – and, in particular, highlighted the commitment shown by eight leading figures(*) during the complex phase to draft the report and structure the recommendations.


Heading up sustainable development and CSR for Gecina since 2008, Yves Dieulesaint, a member of the executive committee, has notably defined and led the Group's strategy on biodiversity issues.

Under his leadership, Gecina was the first real estate company to draw up a dedicated strategy recognized by the French Ministry for Ecology as part of the “2011-2020 national biodiversity strategy (SNB)”, in addition to publishing a specific report on its voluntary commitments in this area.

(*)particularly Marc Barra (Natureparif), Sylvain Boucherand (B&L Evolution), Christelle Capdupuy (Bouygues Immobilier), Véronique Dham (Gondwana), Olivier Lemoine (Elan), Hervé Moal and Hortense Serret (ARP Astrance), Aurore Triadou (AIA Associés).


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