Paris, France, October 18, 2016

Circular economy and reducing food waste: Gecina links up with Le Chaînon Manquant for responsible company catering

Building on its already strong corporate social responsibility approach, Gecina has established a partnership with the charity Le Chaînon Manquant to redistribute any meals not consumed in its company restaurant each day.

Gecina’s company restaurant, managed by Sogeres, serves 220 people each day. Since the project was launched in June 2016, Le Chaînon Manquant has collected any unserved meals each day from Gecina’s headquarters so that they can be immediately redistributed to underprivileged beneficiaries in neighboring communities (Restos du Cœur, Red Cross, Aurore, etc.). By taking action in this way, several thousand meals will be saved from being thrown away each year. With this innovative initiative, Gecina has been supported by Interface, a catering and services consultancy, through its “Restaurant Vert©” green restaurant label.


This first trial initiative with Le Chaînon Manquant will be rolled out across other sites, including the Défense Ouest building in Colombes (92), where the company restaurant serves 1,800 people daily, before being made available to all the company restaurants within Gecina’s portfolio.


“The partnership with Le Chaînon Manquant is in line with our corporate social responsibility approach and highlights our strong focus on innovation to meet the challenges of the circular economy. I am very pleased to see that this successful trial initiative at our headquarters is already generating strong interest among our customers, who would like to roll out this responsible, innovative solution”, explains Loïc Hervé, Head of Real Estate Holdings at Gecina.


“Our partnership with Gecina is innovating to bring food aid to the most underprivileged sectors and represents an outstanding example to be replicated, because company catering can play a key role in this circular economy. This ecological and socially responsible solution represents a decisive step for the sector, and Gecina has shown the way forward!”, confirms Julien Meimon, Executive Director of Le Chaînon Manquant.


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