Paris, France, June 7, 2016

Customer innovation: Gecina testing activity based offices

In line with its strategy for innovation on urban offices, Gecina has launched a trial initiative for innovative layout designs at its Paris headquarters to test out new workplace practices. This pilot project is making the Group’s headquarters a showcase for testing the new layout concepts and optimizing the spaces that it will be able to offer its customers in the future.

“Better understanding new practices in order to better meet users’ expectations is the challenge with this experimental project, successfully bringing together 26 Gecina staff from our marketing, innovation and CSR teams, as well as part of our real estate holdings division. This latest development once again highlights our approach to innovation”, confirms Philippe Depoux, Gecina’s Chief Executive Officer.


Innovative workplace practices


The new spaces have been designed in line with users’ needs and practices: individual workstations, collaborative space, quiet room, brainstorming room, small meeting rooms, breakout area and rest area. Inaugurated on May 23, 2016, these new offices, combining smart designs, innovative layouts and convivial features, make really comfortable and attractive spaces.

Alongside this trial, Gecina is setting up a homeworking solution offering the option for these staff to choose to work at the office, at home or in a third place, based on conditions defined collectively.



Offices built jointly with staff


This innovative concept for mobile, collaborative and flexible offices has been designed with the staff during co-building workshops. Each individual's activities and tasks have been reviewed in order to define the most relevant types of spaces and organizational structures. Gecina has been assisted by LBMG, specialized in solutions for new workplace practices, and Artdesk, for interior design and architecture aspects.


This project represents a full-scale test of the new workplace practices. Gecina is looking to assess these innovative layout designs based on practical feedback from users, further strengthening its expertise in these areas, optimizing the approach adopted and enabling it to be deployed.


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