Paris, France, April 11, 2016

Gecina partnering with Paris&Co for the “Sustainable City” incubator

Gecina has joined forces with Paris&Co to support the Sustainable City platform’s multi-corporate incubation program. This innovation program, inaugurated on April 11, 2016, will enable Gecina to test out developments for innovative real estate products and services with the startups.


20 startups have been chosen to join the incubator focused on the future of real estate: Agronergy, Datapole, Deepki, Flatsy, Hub-Grade, Hxperience, Inch, Intent Technologies, Leet Design, Locat'me, MaSmartHome, MyNotary, One Situ, Plense, Realiz 3D, PopUp Immo, Smart Impulse, Stimergy, UrbAgri and ZenPark. Hosted in the Nord Express site (Paris 18th), this program’s mission is to structure and facilitate meetings between major businesses and startups within one dedicated location. The aim is to set up trials for new products and services with open innovation and accelerate their development.


For Philippe Depoux, Gecina’s Chief Executive Officer: “As the market leader for urban offices in France, it is a natural step for us, and part of our responsibility, to help support innovative startups that are working on a range of topics relating to sustainable cities and tomorrow’s buildings. In line with this open innovation approach, Gecina has linked up with Paris&Co around the Sustainable City platform”.


Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of city planning and economic development, adds: “The city of Paris has been involved in selecting the startups and is particularly proud to support these incubation programs launched in partnership with leading operators. By aligning themselves with these outstanding initiatives for open innovation, these major businesses are establishing multiple alliances that will generate value with these innovative young firms”.


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