Paris, France, November 16, 2016

Gecina ranked first on the SBF 120 for the representation of women in management structures

The French Minister for Families, Children and Women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, has revealed the top-ranking businesses in France for the representation of women in 2016. Drawn up by Ethics & Boards, this ranking looks at the level of women’s representation in businesses from the SBF120, focusing in particular on women’s positions within their leadership structures. Up from fifth place in 2015, Gecina was ranked first this year.

This recognition highlights the continued progress made by the Gecina Group in terms of the number of women and their roles within its leadership structures. In six years, the percentage of women on the Board of Directors has climbed from 11% to 50%, exceeding the legal threshold of 40%. Within its Board, women now hold three of the five positions on its Audit Committee and two of the four positions for its Strategic Committee. The percentage of women has also been further strengthened in the Group’s operational management structures, Executive Committee and Management Committee. Alongside this, significant progress has been made regarding remuneration, with equal pay achieved since 2014.


Lastly, Gecina confirmed its commitment in 2016 by setting up its in-house gender diversity network “Open your I”. This network, with an office made up of nearly the same number of men and women, is responsible for reviewing issues relating to equal opportunities and the fight against all forms of discrimination, while promoting women’s position at every level throughout the company and contributing to each individual’s professional development.



For Bernard Michel, Gecina’s Chairman: “We are very honored to have achieved first place in this year’s rankings. This recognizes the many different initiatives we have rolled out over the past few years in terms of combating all forms of discrimination. Indeed, we firmly believe that gender equality and diversity are crucial to how a company performs and its ability to innovate”.


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