Paris, France, September 1, 2016

Gecina strengthens its management structures

Gecina is further strengthening its Executive Committee and Management Committee, with six new appointments announced. These changes aim to further strengthen the Group's expertise in line with its strategic focus areas and highlight Gecina's ability to support its employees' professional development.

  • Executive Committee

Florence Negrel Biecheler is joining the Executive Committee. She has been Corporate Legal Director and Board Secretary for the past six years and is taking on responsibility for all of Gecina’s corporate and real estate legal functions.


Brigitte Cachon, the Executive Committee member in charge of marketing, communications and innovation since October 2015, is extending her scope to include the CSR function following Yves Dieulesaint’s retirement. This extended division will now be the Transformation, Marketing and CSR Division.


Around Philippe Depoux, Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Committee now has eight members.

Thibault Ancely, Executive Director Investments and Sales - Brigitte Cachon, Executive Director Transformation, Marketing and CSR - Nicolas Dutreuil, Executive Director Finance - Loïc Hervé, Executive Director Real Estate Holdings - Vincent Moulard, Executive Director Asset Management - Florence Negrel Biecheler, Executive Director Legal and Board Secretary - Philippe Valade, Executive Director and General Secretary.



  • Management Committee

Gecina is expanding its Management Committee with the appointment of four employees:


  • Jérôme Engelbrecht, 32, who has been in charge of financing, cash management and the business plan for the past five years, is being appointed Head of Financing and Business Plan, reporting to Nicolas Dutreuil.

  • Nicolas Lepigeon, 35, who has been in charge of financial control for the past five years, is being appointed Head of Financial Control, reporting to Nicolas Dutreuil.

  • Antoine Le Treut, 34, who has been in charge of investments and sales for the past four years, is being appointed Head of Investments and Sales, reporting to Thibault Ancely.

  • Aurélie Rebaudo-Zulberty, 38, CSR project manager for the past three years, is being appointed Head of CSR, reporting to Brigitte Cachon.



Women make up 50% of these in-house promotions, effective from September 1, confirming Gecina’s commitment to promoting gender diversity at every level throughout the company.


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