Paris, France, March 29, 2017

Secondesk launched

Many employees need additional workspaces for their business trips, meeting up with their customers, brainstorming with their teams or simply a change of scenery.

Secondesk, Gecina’s third-place network, is positioned as the “second office” for these employees, starting off with those working in Gecina buildings. With the workafé and creative room, these are inspiring places to work, innovate and meet up.

Offering a range of services, Secondesk illustrates Gecina’s test-and-learn innovation policy and represents a first step towards further enhancing its offering.



The deep changes in the way we live, consume, enjoy leisure activities and work are being facilitated by the digital revolution. Which is transforming the way workspaces are used…

  • For the employees of Gecina’s current or future business customers, Secondesk offers complementary workspaces to supplement their “first” desk



With Secondesk, Gecina is developing an offer designed specifically for people working in the Greater Paris region who are more and more inclined to travel outside of their company within an increasingly interconnected region.

  • Offer adapted for a new population of mobile, connected staff working in Greater Paris

    With Secondesk, Gecina is further enhancing its range of workspaces and meeting its customers’ new needs.


  • Workafé: reinventing office life

    The workafé offers workspaces that are available for half-day or even hourly slots, to get down to work between two appointments.

    Pricing: one price for all the spaces: 10 euros / hour /person

    Discount rates available from 200 hours.

  • Creative room

An outstanding next-generation workspace: a space configured to foster the emergence of ideas and collaborative work.

Fully modular, it offers a high level of flexibility in terms of both times and layouts, from half-day seminars to projects spread over several days.

Pricing:  Porte de La Défense: 2,700 euros / day        up to 50 people

              Avenue de Villiers: 800 euros / day               up to 12 people

  • Attentive services and connected spaces

Secondesk offers you an extensive range of services to make your day-to-day life easier and works with innovative partners to deliver a unique experience:

  • Atrois, which manages the workspaces on a day-to-day basis with dedicated Welcome Managers;

    Les jardins de Gally, which provides landscaping expertise;

  • Good Morning, which delivers breakfasts and light meals;

  • RentingArt, which helps foster user creativity by setting up works of art.  

On-demand services: breakfasts or light meals, catering service, events, privatization, connected spaces, breakout areas.

  • A dedicated website and smartphone app enable business customers to allocate and track their employees’ credits, while their employee users can book their spaces online, on demand.


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