January 11, 2016

Urban greening:Gecina is the first real estate investment trust to make a commitment alongside the City of Paris with the “Objectif 100 hectares” charter

For several years, Gecina has been rolling out an innovative greening policy across its portfolio. To continue building on this, and confirm its commitment to biodiversity, Gecina has just signed up to the “Objectif 100 hectares” charter, led by the City of Paris, which is targeting 100 hectares of green roofs, facades and walls by 2020, with one third devoted to urban agriculture.

After co-piloting the Plan Bâtiment Durable’s “Building and Biodiversity” working group, Gecina is further strengthening its commitment to greening as the first real estate investment trust (SIIC) to sign up to this “Objectif 100 hectares” charter. Gecina will continue to develop urban agriculture and greening projects across both its existing properties and new builds.


From Horizons to Beaugrenelle and 55 Amsterdam, Gecina’s projects reflect, in their designs, a specific approach to greening, which is making a positive contribution to supporting urban biodiversity, combating heat island effects, and ensuring the wellbeing of users and neighboring communities.


As Philippe Depoux, Gecina’s Chief Executive Officer, confirms: “Since our properties are located primarily in Paris, it is important for Gecina to engage as a partner alongside the City of Paris with its environmental initiatives, from greening challenges (Objectif 100 hectares charter signed in January 2016) to climate-related challenges (Paris Action Climat charter signed in October 2015). Gecina is a responsible group, with strong commitments, contributing, through its portfolio and projects, to Paris’ urban regeneration and appeal”.


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