Paris, France, December 7, 2016

Urban mobility:operational launch of Gecina’s shared parking service

After announcing its partnership in February, Gecina is opening up 500 parking spaces across an initial selection of 15 buildings with the OPnGO app, an innovative technological solution supporting urban mobility and city parking.

With their smartphones, drivers can now book parking spaces in real time in 15 Gecina car parks serving neighborhoods with limited public parking facilities. Gecina has carried out work in the buildings concerned to set up signage so that reserved spaces can easily be located, while setting up Bluetooth door opening systems and securing public access points.


OPnGO is the first marketplace to bring together all the public and private parking spaces available, making it easy for drivers to find spaces at the best price and ensuring a fluid customer experience. This service enables drivers to save a significant amount of time and money, while increasing their comfort, by offering a fully electronic end-to-end experience, from car park entrances opening and closing automatically through to them receiving their bills by email.


By sharing unused spaces across its portfolio with drivers who are looking for parking, Gecina is highlighting its innovative approach for shared services in line with the needs of everyone involved. Users of the OPnGO app can choose between several different packages, including parking during the day and overnight, week days, weekends or monthly subscriptions with dedicated spaces for external users.


For Philippe Depoux, Gecina’s Chief Executive Officer: “Joining the OPnGO platform by making our parking spaces available represents a way to facilitate urban mobility and parking thanks to an agile technological solution. This is also a means of optimizing the use of our parking facilities and their value creation”. This partnership will be gradually ramped up to cover the 37 sites put forward by Gecina for this shared parking solution.


For Cyril Jessua, OPnGO’s Chief Executive Officer: “This partnership with Gecina will enable us to further expand our offering and open up access to parking spaces that were not previously available for the thousands of drivers who use our solution. This partnership, which will continue to develop, confirms our market-leading position in terms of the number of spaces available”.


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