Paris, France, July 4, 2018

Gecina and Wemind launch a partnership to facilitate access to housing for entrepreneurs and freelancers in Paris

Entrepreneurs and freelancers regularly face difficulties finding somewhere to live. Gecina’s partnership with Wemind, specialized in dedicated protection services for entrepreneurs and freelancers, aims to facilitate their access to rental accommodation in Paris.

With 6,400 apartments in the best locations in Paris and to the west of the city, Gecina’s portfolio offers a wide range of benefits to attract entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for a vibrant living and working environment.

Making it easier for entrepreneurs to find an apartment is one of the objectives of Wemind, which offers its members a guarantee to cover unpaid rent. Thanks to this guarantee, entrepreneurs and freelancers will be able to benefit from the same status as employees when it comes to assessing their applications. Gecina will also publish its rental offers for Wemind members to be able to welcome them in its residences.

Méka Brunel, CEO of Gecina: “As Europe’s leading office real estate group and owner of the largest private portfolio of rental properties in Paris, Gecina is helping make Paris even more attractive by providing talents with access to not only offices and coworking spaces, but also housing in the most central sectors. This partnership with Wemind will help position Gecina at the heart of the capital’s vibrant economic development”.

Hind Elidrissi, Wemind founder and CEO: “Thanks to this partnership with Gecina, we are facilitating access to housing for freelancers, who will see their applications treated with exactly the same status as applications from employees. There is strong demand from freelancers, and this is all the more legitimate because they are just as reliable tenants as employees. In an area where property is scarce like Paris, this is a high value-added service that our members will be able to benefit from”.

Created in 2015, Wemind offers its members – entrepreneurs and freelancers – a range of benefits similar to those available to employees, from social cover to health insurance, protection, access to housing, group discounts and legal assistance. Today, it has 20,000 members.


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