Paris, France, April 18, 2018

Bernard Carayon appointed Chairman of Gecina's Board of Directors. All resolutions approved at the Combined General Meeting on April 18, 2018

The Combined General Meeting, held on April 18, 2018 and chaired by Mr Bernard Michel, approved all the resolutions, including:

- Mr Bernard Carayon's election as a Director, replacing Mr Bernard Michel, whose term of office was due to end;
- Ms Gabrielle Gauthey's election as a Director, replacing Ms Isabelle Courville, following her resignation;
- Renewal of the terms of office of Ms Méka Brunel and Mr Jacques-Yves Nicol as Directors.

Mr Bernard Carayon, Ms Gabrielle Gauthey, Ms Méka Brunel and Mr Jacques-Yves Nicol have been appointed as Directors for a four-year term of office through to the end of the General Meeting convened to approve the accounts of 2021 fiscal year.

The General Meeting warmly thanked Mr Bernard Michel for his actions during his time in office and Ms Isabelle Courville for her contributions.

The Board of Directors met following the General Meeting and appointed:

  • Mr Bernard Carayon, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In addition, it confirmed:

  • Mr Sylvain Fortier, permanent representative of Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc., Chairman of the Strategic and Investment Committee;
  • Mr Jacques-Yves Nicol, Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee;
  • Ms Inès Reinmann Toper, Chairwoman of the Governance, Appointments and Compensation Committee.

Gecina's Board of Directors has been further strengthened with key skills for risk management and new technologies, making it possible to support Gecina with its transformation.

Mr Bernard Carayon has a PhD in economics from Sorbonne University. With extensive experience in auditing and risk management and various positions as a director of public companies in the past, Mr Bernard Carayon's appointment will enable the Board to benefit from his banking, CSR and asset management expertise. Until March 2017, Mr Bernard Carayon was a Director and CEO of Amundi AM, Head of Risk Management and Control for Amundi, and an Advisor for Amundi's executive leadership team on SRI.

Ms Gabrielle Gauthey is an Ecole Polytechnique, Telecom Paris Tech and Ecole des Mines de Paris graduate, a Mines ParisTech engineer and has a postgraduate DEA in economic analysis. Ms Gabrielle Gauthey's appointment will notably enable the Board to benefit from her expertise in new technologies and innovation. From February 2015 to March 2018, Ms Gabrielle Gauthey was Director of Local Development and Investment and a member of the management committee of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, a French public institution. 


Composition of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has 10 members, with 50% women and 60% independent directors:

  • Mr Bernard Carayon (1), Chairman
  • Ms Méka Brunel, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms Laurence Danon Arnaud (1)
  • Ms Dominique Dudan (1)
  • Ms Gabrielle Gauthey (1)
  • Mr Claude Gendron
  • Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc., represented by Mr Sylvain Fortier
  • Mr Jacques-Yves Nicol (1)
  • Predica, represented by Mr Jean-Jacques Duchamp
  • Ms Inès Reinmann Toper (1)


(1) Independent directors


Composition of the committees

Strategic and Investment Committee

  • Mr Sylvain Fortier, permanent representative of Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc., Chairman
  • Ms Méka Brunel
  • Mr Bernard Carayon
  • Mr Jean-Jacques Duchamp, permanent representative of Predica

Audit and Risk Committee

  • Mr Jacques-Yves Nicol, Chairman
  • Ms Dominique Dudan
  • Ms Gabrielle Gauthey
  • Mr Claude Gendron
  • Mr Jean-Jacques Duchamp, permanent representative of Predica
  • Ms Inès Reinmann Toper

Governance, Appointments and Compensation Committee

  • Ms Inès Reinmann Toper, Chairwoman
  • Ms Laurence Danon Arnaud
  • Mr Claude Gendron


The General Meeting approved the payment of a dividend of 5.30 euros per share for 2017. A 50% interim dividend, representing 2.65 euros per share, was paid out previously on March 8, 2018. Shareholders will be able to choose to receive their balancing dividend payment of 2.65 euros per share in new shares or cash. The ex-dividend date will be June 12, 2018, with the dividend to be released for payment or shares delivered, depending on the option chosen, on July 5, 2018.

The voting results will be available shortly on the Group website:


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