Paris, France, March 8, 2018

Gender equality in the workplace: French President pays tribute to Gecina’s commitment and results

As part of International Women’s Day, the French President visited Gecina’s teams to pay tribute to the company’s exemplary performance championing gender equality in the workplace.

This official visit highlights Gecina’s longstanding commitments to gender equality and parity, which have established Gecina as the SBF 120’s leading company for the representation of women in management structures (Ethics & Boards rankings) since 2016.

These commitments are reflected in concrete actions at every level throughout the company:

  • Significant progress with the percentage of women in executive positions, with parity achieved for the Board of Directors since 2015, exceeding the requirements set by the French Copé-Zimmerman Act, and Méka Brunel’s appointment as Chief Executive Officer in January 2017;
  • Drive to reduce the gender pay gap based on equal levels of skills, with a dedicated annual budget in place since 2011;
  • Actions to build awareness on workplace equality in the recruitment phase;
  • Creation of the gender diversity network “Open Your I” in 2016, led by a diverse team and focused on three areas for action: combating all forms of stereotypes in terms of career development, promoting a work-home life balance, and supporting women in business.

Today, Gecina has also confirmed that it is joining the initiative led by the French President for a task force to be part of the World Economic Forum’s Closing the Gender Gap program.

This gender parity task force, made up of two public structures (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and BPI) and four leading private groups (Gecina, LVMH, Schneider Electric and Sodexo), will be chaired jointly by the French Finance Minister and the Prime Minister’s Secretary of State for Gender Equality. It will capitalize on its expertise and best practices to help draw up this program’s three-year action plan, covering its entire scope: increasing female representation in the labor force, advancing female progression into management and leadership positions, combating gender stereotypes, supporting women in business and narrowing the gender wage gap.

“Gecina’s commitment to gender equality in the workplace is the result of a longstanding policy put in place by Bernard Michel since 2011. The results already achieved are driving Gecina’s ambition to continue leading the way forward for equality. As Chief Executive Officer, this is one of the dimensions that my management is most attached to. Gecina’s inclusion in the task force is a great honor for both myself and all the company’s teams”, confirms Méka Brunel, Chief Executive Officer.

“Corporate social responsibility and gender parity were an integral part of my priorities when I joined Gecina. I am delighted with the results achieved following eight years of sustained commitments. The French President’s visit represents outstanding recognition for the work accomplished with our teams. By joining the World Economic Forum’s public-private task force, which will be chaired by Marlène Schiappa and Bruno Le Maire, I will be harnessing my experience to support this good cause, which I also believe is a major source of performance for businesses”, explains Bernard Michel, Chairman. 


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