Paris, France, May 9, 2019

Gecina adopts electronic signatures for leases to make life easier for its customers

Gecina is continuing to develop its range of services by offering its customers a solution to sign their leases electronically. Extended to cover all its residential buildings and student residences, this new service, rolled out in partnership with the startup YouSign, is proving very popular with tenants: digital signatures have been used for more than 97% of the leases signed since the start of March.

With the YouSign solution, Gecina is taking a further step forward with its digital transformation to meet its customers’ expectations for simpler processes. Thanks to the electronic signature system, customers no longer need to make a trip in person and can sign their lease remotely on a secure platform. This software solution is particularly appreciated by Gecina’s student customers, especially those from other countries.

This legal and certified solution, which secures legal documents, is also improving the quality of Gecina’s customer relationships by reducing the time taken for administrative processes. On average, Gecina signs 4,000 leases each year across its residential portfolio.

“Opting for the electronic signature system sends out a strong message for our Group, which aims to transition to a paper-free environment. Initially deployed for the residential portfolio, we would like this solution to be extended to cover all our legal documents: commercial leases, order letters and appendices, marketing agreements…We are delighted to have taken a further step forward recently using an electronic signature for a first commercial lease on an office building, as well as a first order letter with a construction company”, confirms Frédéric Vern, Gecina’s General Secretary.


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