Paris, France, December 20, 2018

Gecina invests in Paris Fonds Vert

In line with the acceleration of its innovation policy, Gecina has signed an agreement to invest 5 million euros in the regional investment fund “Paris Fonds Vert”, managed by teams with renowned track records.


Launched by the City of Paris, the “Paris Fonds Vert” investment fund is managed by Demeter, the leading European management company for the energy transition (200-million euro fund), specialized in sustainable city projects: construction, mobility, energy, air quality, waste, digital, etc.

“Gecina intends to give itself the resources needed to source the most innovative companies in the sustainable city sector. It is also putting in place driving forces to organize the deployment of its future services benefiting all its YouFirst brand customers. Our innovation policy aims to combine immediate operational benefits and long-term support for our transformation”, confirms Méka Brunel, Chief Executive Officer.


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