Paris, France, June 3, 2019

Gecina will invest 20 million dollars in a Fifth Wall Ventures fund, becoming its first partner in France

Created in 2016, the California-based venture capital fund manager Fifth Wall Ventures is focused on technologies serving the real estate sector. Today, it has over 900 million dollars in committed and invested capital under management across multiple funds, raised primarily from a limited number of major international investors, investing in companies that are developing innovative real estate-related solutions: energy efficiency, data and statistics, digitalization, modular construction, smart cities, Blockchain, urban mobility, etc.

Alongside this, Fifth Wall Ventures has built up expertise in supporting its investors with their innovation strategies, which Gecina will be able to fully benefit from for its transformation.

Following the investment in Paris Fonds Vert, managed by Demeter, announced in December 2018, this latest investment will enhance Gecina’s ability to identify and target, on a very wide scale, innovative partners and technological solutions that will enable it to further strengthen its strategy’s relevance over the long term, while accelerating the Group’s technological and service-driven transformation.

These investments in funds with highly complementary geographical and industrial features come in addition to the Group’s open innovation approach, built around strong partnerships. Gecina is also partnering with the incubator Paris&Co and the accelerator Wilco.

“With this latest agreement, we are looking to further strengthen our ability to anticipate and source, on a wide scale, innovative new services and technologies relating to real estate in France and internationally. This will enable us to deploy new methods and technologies to serve our 100,000 YouFirst customers. Our innovation policy aims to combine immediate operational benefits with an acceleration of our teams’ learning curve and long-term support for our transformation. Our ambition is to continuously enhance our value propositions, supporting our occupants’ wellbeing, creating value through and capitalizing on our spaces effectively, and personalizing our services”, confirms Méka Brunel, Chief Executive Officer.


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