Paris, France, September 26, 2019

Gecina offers its staff the opportunity to make micro-donations on their salaries

“Salary rounding” is an innovative generosity solution created by the social enterprise microDON. It enables staff to make voluntary donations each month by either rounding up their net salary or donating a fixed amount to the charities of their choice.

With this project carried out in collaboration with microDON and Epic, an international non-profit startup, created by Alexandre Mars, which is working to change the lives of underprivileged young people through access to education in particular, Gecina’s staff have the possibility to support two charities chosen by them through an in-house voting process: PRERANA, a charity fighting to end intergenerational trafficking in India, and “Agir pour l’école”, a French platform researching new methods for learning how to read. Gecina will make a top-up payment to double each euro donated.


Méka Brunel, Gecina’s Chief Executive Officer: “Gecina’s culture of solidarity is built around its staff throughout the year. With micro-donations on salaries, we have an opportunity to further strengthen our social contribution and expand the solutions that are available to them to get involved”.


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