Paris, France, December 6, 2018

Gecina renews its visual identity and launches YouFirst, its relational brand for all its clients

YouFirst will be Gecina’s relational brand for all its clients: office, collaborative, residential and student.

YouFirst is effectively aligned with their needs for continuity across their experiences and high-quality services between their various living spaces.

YouFirst sets out Gecina’s convictions for tomorrow’s city, understated, fluid and inclusive, built around two commitments:

  • The quality of the client relationship, over the long term, founded primarily on the human dimension;
  • The development of high value-added services.

YouFirst will be rolled out as follows:

  • YouFirst bureau, for commercial;
  • YouFirst collaborative, for shared workspaces;
  • YouFirst residence, for the rental residential offering;
  • YouFirst campus, for student residences.

YouFirst will be deployed gradually from 2019, replacing the Gecina Group’s current commercial brands.

Gecina will continue to be the dedicated corporate brand for the Group’s institutional relations.

“With YouFirst, we are positioning our clients at the heart of everything we do. YouFirst is the tangible sign that Gecina is transforming to serve its 100,000 or so clients and end-users (around 80,000 for offices and 20,000 for residential and student residences), transitioning from a B to B approach to a more B to B to C approach. As a specialist for centrality and uses, our goal is to promote a continuum of experiences for our users and create relationships on a lasting basis, across our business lines. Lastly, this initiative is built around investment in the skills of all our teams and the company’s digital transformation”, confirms Méka Brunel, Gecina’s Chief Executive Officer.



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