Paris, France, May 20, 2019

Integrated annual report at the heart of urban life

“We transform, to be closer to our customers”: this is our tagline for 2018 and the current year. With the evolution of our visual identity and the launch of our commercial brand YouFirst, this 2018 annual report firmly anchors these recent changes in the present, highlighting a deeper transformation within the Group.

This is the first annual report following the evolution of our brand architecture and must therefore take on board the relational positioning with YouFirst, under the Gecina banner. It tells the story of the transformation that is moving forward to serve our 100,000 clients, while setting out the Group’s convictions for tomorrow’s city: understated, fluid and inclusive.

Following an original 2017 report capitalizing on the strength of illustrated narratives, this year’s report leaves this fictional dimension behind to adopt a firm focus on reality. At the heart of this approach, six conversations with diverse perspectives on various situations from the company’s day-to-day life: between a building caretaker and a tenant, between a student and a student campus director, between the HR Development Director and an employee benefiting from training, between our CEO and our Chairman...

We made this choice to highlight the human dimension in order to support our conviction that collective intelligence is a driving force for our transformation to take action at the heart of urban life!

For its design, we have kept a small format (A5), adapted for urban reading and, contrasting with last year’s illustrations, we are firmly focused on reality.

Real estate assets and stakeholders are presented “in person”, guided by one idea: our buildings are living spaces that our employees and clients bring to life each day.



In line with this principle of conversation and exchanges, we have also ensured graphic and editorial consistency between our two major publications for last year: our integrated annual report and our registration document. For instance, the 2018 registration document has a first chapter based on a strategic brief that summarizes Gecina’s global vision and the resources we draw on to create value for our stakeholders.

2018 was a year of acceleration. With a voluntary approach for dialogue, we wanted to formalize this acceleration in a report inspired by the principles of “integrated thinking”. Our objective: telling you a fluid story that illustrates our consistency at every level throughout the Group.


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