Paris, France, May 28, 2018

Annual report now available with podcasts. The real estate group Gecina publishes "(Grand) Paris A-Side & B-Side"

With “(Grand) Paris A-Side & B-Side”, the real estate group Gecina, the living space specialist (offices and residential), is publishing a new type of annual report. To better renew the vision of its business and ambitions, the 2017 report capitalizes on the strengths of narratives and illustrations, while also moving into podcasts for the first time, working with its agency Havas Paris.

Adapted for urban reading thanks to its small size (A5), it offers two booklets, “A-Side & B-Side”: one corporate, split into chapters (Living spaces, Centrality, Tomorrow, Together, Clients, Transformation) with a strong editorial approach presenting key messages, the other fictional, with a selection of six short stories. A third booklet, the Gecina Key Figures” data book, offers an essential supplement.



But “(Grand) Paris A-Side & B-Side” is also - and above all - a collection of 12 podcasts, at the crossroads between fiction and reality. On the reality side (six three-minute episodes), Gecina's employees talk about how they are making real transformations, designing spaces for offices or housing, share insights into Gecina's strategy in line with the growing appetite among businesses for urban centers, explain the measures rolled out to support innovation, etc. On the fiction side (six three-minute episodes), Lydia, Thomas, Samia and a few others...become the protagonists in a selection of short stories narrated by the actress Lila Tamazit in line with these same themes.

This weekly series, which offers stories of encounters and spaces to live and work, is available on leading platforms like Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud, as well as the company’s website.



With “(Grand) Paris A-Side & B-Side”, Gecina, a listed real estate company, is innovating by adopting more fun formats aimed at its various audiences. As the company’s identity card, this document will be distributed to all of Gecina’s 500 employees, as well as new talents that it aims to recruit. 

“A small format ideal for the metro or lounge, a collection of podcasts to listen to in public transport or on a cafe terrace…these new formats are perfectly aligned with our positioning as an urban real estate group”, explains Méka Brunel, Gecina’s Chief Executive Officer. “And to talk about our transformation and the digital revolution’s impact on our business, we needed to find an attractive and vibrant narrative, ensuring a strong focus on the men and women who make it possible every day”.





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