May 28, 2018

Our strategy is meaningful because it has been developed to fit within our environment

By Julien Landfried, Executive Director Communications & Public Affairs.

Real estate has a significant impact in matters of societal, social and economic importance. At the heart of a diverse environment, Gecina builds on its own unique strengths to benefit society.

We are not able to move forward alone and that’s a positive thing! Gecina operates within a highly diverse environment that requires us to interact with a great many stakeholders and communities. We engage in constant communication with our employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and partners. Every project we work on is an opportunity to open dialogue with non-profit organizations, architects, designers, builders and elected officials. Our positioning has grown collaboratively from our work with all those within our environment. It is this process of joint development that gives meaning and value to our strategy.

Gecina is made up of several marked distinctions that ensure substance behind such dialogue. The first of which is, unlike many in the real estate sector, we have chosen to increasingly favor direct contact with the people who use our spaces to live and work. For example, we have recently started campaigns in the field and going door-to-door to inform residential tenants about planned building work.

Our second strength is the exceptionally high proportion of employees that own shares in the company. Almost 83% of Gecina’s workforce – including managers, employees and superintendents – have chosen to become shareholders, aligning their own ambitions and careers with the strategic direction of the company.

Gecina is also a pioneer in gender equality, not only in managerial positions – we have led the way in the SBF 120 since 2016 in terms of the proportion of women in our management bodies, an achievement that was recognized by the French president during his visit on International Women’s Day – but also throughout the entire company in a very tangible way.

The last significant distinction is that we are deeply involved in a European-wide discussion that began in 2017 with the creation of a think tank formed in collaboration with five other European real estate groups.

Such dialogue is highly constructive, but would not be complete if it were to take place solely across Gecina’s business areas. As a committed and community-focused company, we play a vital role in the city. Over the last 10 years, Gecina’s foundation has invested €2 million in projects that have been selected and sponsored by our employees to protect the environment and support people living with disabilities – proof of our deep-rooted involvement in the community. To complement such actions, we have recently integrated the Fondation Eurosic, whose work revolves around safeguarding heritage.



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