Paris, France, December 15, 2022

Gecina achieves the maximum CDP rating and confirms its leadership in several ESG rankings

Gecina has been recognized for its climate change performance and transparency leadership by the Climate Change Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Gecina has also made progress in the GRESB rankings, with an overall score of 94/100, and seen its AAA rating confirmed by MSCI.


With the publication of the CDP Climate Change ratings, Gecina is one of the select group of companies that have been awarded an “A” rating in this climate change benchmark. Just 283 companies out of more than 18,000 assessed have been awarded this maximum rating. Gecina is one of the 24 French companies included in the CDP’s annual list of climate leaders.

The key factors behind this rating include the Group’s CSR ambitions, and particularly the energy efficiency of its redevelopments, the rollout of its Carbon Net Zero Plan 2030 (CAN0P 2030), targeting a drastic reduction in energy consumption and emissions for its operational portfolio by 2030, and the decarbonization of its energy mix.

The Group is further strengthening its operational asset management actions with a focus on more energy efficiency, which will enable it to maintain this score over the coming years.

Recognized CSR policy and concrete results

GRESB, which assesses the ESG performance of real estate companies each year, confirmed the improvement in Gecina’s CSR performance, with an overall score of 94/100, up by 1 point over one year. The Group also increased its score to 99/100 for redevelopments.

In addition, Gecina was recognized in the MSCI rankings, retaining its AAA rating for the fifth consecutive year, positioning the Group as one of the top 18% of the best performers worldwide.

Alongside this, for the ninth consecutive year, Gecina received Gold in the EPRA Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations (sBPR) Awards, highlighting the quality and exhaustiveness of its CSR reporting.

Gecina has a global CSR policy, which has been one of its core features for many years and is based around four pillars: energy efficiency / low carbon, circular economy, biodiversity and occupant well-living.

Illustrating this, since 2008, the Group has reduced greenhouse gas emissions across its operational portfolio by 61%. The circular economy actions rolled out for 100% of the developments underway have also enabled Gecina to reduce the carbon footprint of its projects by 42% in five years.


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