Paris, France, June 17, 2019

Gecina becomes a grand Sponsor for Fondation du patrimoine’s “Plus jamais ça!” fundraising campaign with a 5 million euro donation

Gecina is proud to announce 5 million euro sponsorship set up between its company foundation and the Fondation du patrimoine heritage foundation in connection with the ”Plus jamais ça!” (Never again!) fundraising campaign, supporting an emergency fund for work to secure France’s most at-risk heritage sites.

This amount, spread over three years, will be used to fund emergency work and those to ensure the safety of endangered monuments identified by the Bern mission so they can be opened up to the public again.

The projects will be identified by Fondation du patrimoine, presented by Gecina to its employees, who will vote for one to three initiatives each year. They will cover all types of endangered heritage monuments in the Grand Paris Region.

Through this support, Gecina is once again setting out its commitment to restoring and safeguarding Paris’ heritage in the broadest sense. Gecina is particularly dedicated to valuing and promoting heritage, through the actions of its company foundation.

“We are delighted to respond to the call for action by Fondation du patrimoine, with its “Plus jamais ça!” campaign for all these sites that belong to everyone and need major renovation work. The wave of solidarity triggered by the campaign to raise funds for Notre-Dame must continue moving forward and we are inviting our partners, our peers from the real estate sector, and from the private sector in general, to join this outstanding initiative”, confirms Méka Brunel, Chief Executive Officer.


“The support of a leading real estate group like Gecina for our “Plus jamais ça!” fundraising campaign will set an example for businesses as well as citizens to get involved to help safeguard of? our common heritage. All energies are welcome in order to sustain this wave of philanthropy”, declares Guillaume Poitrinal, President of Fondation du patrimoine.


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