June 29, 2021

Gecina welcomes a Café Joyeux inclusive cafe-restaurant at 1 Madeleine in Paris

Gecina has signed a two-year lease with Café Joyeux to set up an inclusive cafe-restaurant in a ground-floor unit at its building located at 1 boulevard de la Madeleine in Paris. This cafe-restaurant concept will occupy a 430 sq.m unit and is scheduled to open to the public from the end of the summer 2021.


Thanks to this new location, Café Joyeux will be able to continue developing its activity and offer employment opportunities for 15 new crew members at this site.

Launched in 2017, the Café Joyeux cafe-restaurant concept reflects a desire to change the way people view disabilities and foster inclusion at the heart of our cities and our lives. Today, this franchise employs around 50 crew members with cognitive disabilities across its five locations.

“We are delighted to be opening up 1 Madeleine to Café Joyeux and enabling the general public to discover this original concept for an inclusive cafe-restaurant. Thanks to this socially responsible initiative, we are continuing to build on our role as an engaged stakeholder within the city to promote the integration of people with disabilities within society, while ensuring full alignment with our purpose: Empowering shared human experiences at the heart of our sustainable spaces”, confirms Méka Brunel, Gecina’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We will shortly be opening a Café Joyeux at 1 boulevard de la Madeleine, one of the most beautiful addresses in the whole of Paris, which is a great opportunity for our social enterprise and our mission to promote inclusion. Thanks to the generosity of Gecina and its teams, around 15 Joyful crew members will be able to find a job and a sustainable professional future that will change their lives.

This also proves that with a daring and generous approach, leading businesses can support the most fragile people, at the heart of the ordinary economy. This is what Gecina is clearly demonstrating here, in the same way as other companies: with Café Joyeux, solidarity can find opportunities to be expressed within the current economic system and through a good lunch and a delicious specialty coffee”, confirms Yann Bucaille-Lanrezac, co-founder of Café Joyeux.


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