Paris, France, September 3, 2019

Gecina achieves a score of 92/100 on the gender pay equality index

With an overall score of 92/100, Gecina has confirmed its strong commitment to workplace equality.

Based on five indicators, the index set up by the French government enables businesses to measure their progress in this area, with a minimum expected rating of 75/100.

To achieve this result, Gecina has launched several concrete measures and set out its strong commitments since 2011 to reduce pay gaps based on equivalent skills with a dedicated financial budget. Equal pay has been in place since 2015, with differences of no more than 3% in either direction.

This approach comes in addition to several strong actions with clear commitments at every level throughout the company to promote workplace equality, with:

  • A significant change in the percentage of women in management structures, with gender parity achieved for the Board of Directors since 2015, exceeding the requirements of the French Copé-Zimmerman Act, and 40% women on the Executive Committee;
  • The gender diversity network set up in 2016;
  • The diversity charter signed in 2011;
  • Various actions to raise awareness of workplace equality in recruitment phases;
  • Various arrangements relating to parenting and childcare.

Thanks to these commitments in particular, Gecina is the leading company from the SBF 120 for the representation of women in management structures (Ethics & Board ranking), for the third year running.


“We are proud of this result, which illustrates our outstanding commitment to workplace equality. At Gecina, gender equality, diversity and parity are an integral part of everything we do. The results achieved by Gecina, in terms of both parity at the highest level within the company and equal pay, reflect a committed approach engaging all members of staff. We will continue building on this progress. Illustrating this, two new female directors have been appointed to the Executive Committee in the last 12 months”, confirms Méka Brunel, Gecina’s Chief Executive Officer.


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